One of the main reasons people use our maintenance and key holding services is to take the stress out of property management. We deal with any problems that arise from your property and are the first point of contact for anyone stopping there.

It also means that if you are renting the property out we clean and prepare the property for handover as well as inspect the property for any damages or issues when we collect the keys from the outgoing and in going tourists / tenants.

If there are any repairs to be carried out we will carry out repairs based on three criteria –

  1. Agreement value (we recommend repairs up to 100 euros we automatically repair and it is reduced from rental collected). This allows repairs such as damaged water heater, damaged electrical board or broken window / door. Everything is photographed before and after and emailed as soon as possible.
  2. If you want no work to be carried out until confirmed, we take the photos and send them to you with a quote. Then you can agree to get the work done or seek further quotations.
  3. Any repairs over 100 euros we will photograph the problem with a breakdown of the issue in an email. With recommendations as well as quotations. Once the work is agreed it will be carried out. This is normally done on larger problems such as air conditioning being impossible to repair, properties water damaged through burst pipes or domestic appliance replacements. Such as the washing machine is broken and we will send over 3 options to choose from.

Maintaining the property on a regular basis we can deal with watering plants, topping up the swimming pool, paintwork repairs, cleaning of air conditioning and picking people up and dropping them off at the airport.

Beyond the obvious maintenance and key holding services many people ask us to carry out these services out of season as well as during vacation periods. As it gives the appearance people are living at the property even when it is vacant. Which deters the risk of squatters and other problems that can occur with empty properties. Alongside reducing the risk of any damage occurring from problems not noticed. As many properties in Spain suffer with damp along the coast due to no damp course being put into the wall structure. Spotting it early can reduce the risk of having to decorate entire rooms. Which is a prime example of a problem along with water leaks, possible infestations and we do recommend scheduling renovations and redecoration of the properties during the quieter parts of the year.

We also offer installing security alarm systems, door bells with CCTV and changing locks if required as other services.